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Your Privacy is Our Concern.

What is a Link Anonymizer?

A Link Anonymizer hides your referrer fingerprint.

The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more. Therefore your privacy is established

What are the benefits of using a Link Anonymizer?

Prevent your Website from appearing in the server logs.
With you website will not appear in logs as referral url.

Increases visitor experiance with custom redirect pages.
Offer custom redirect pages to your visitor to fit your needs.

Improve your SEO rankings by NOT linking to bad neighborhoods .
Search engines will reduce you ranking for linking to unsafe or unethical content.

Improve your SEO rankings by avoiding broken links.
Search engines will reduce you ranking if they find broken links, with 0sm you links will allways appear valid.

How does work? Custom Link Anonimizer

Anonymize a single linkIt’s simple: just add in front of any link and they will be redirected trought Just like this:

Anonymize all the linksIf you want to anonymize all the external links on your board or homepage, we can generate a script for you to deal with this automatically for all your pages. Enter the Sites for which links shall not be redirected to (e.g. your own) and click on "Generate script"..

What makes different?

Unlike other similar services with you have the possibility to customize redirect pages !!

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How can I customize?

Building your custom redirect page is simple just download our standard template and send us your customized template back.

We can also build it for you!


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